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                               Strawberries in choc cup                            Lemon Mousse
                                   Strawberries on lemon cream                                             Lemon Mousse
                               in a Plain Chocolate cup                                                       8 for 4
                                         8.50 for 4

Unfortunately I do not have many pictures at the moment of my desserts but I am also able to provide:

Hazelnut Cheesecake in Various sizes 6 - 24
Chocolate Tart in various sizes 9 - 17
Lemon and Lime Tart in various sizes 7 - 13
Sticky Toffee pudding
American style Chocolate Cheesecake 19
American Style Vanilla Cheesecake 15
Chocolate and Cream Roulade, small 6, large 12
small choc roulade   large choc roulade
Chocolate Brownies 10 for 12

Please come back soon for more photo's

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